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Our moulded fibre parts are used in a wide range of industries and have to meet the most diverse requirements. With the aim of always offering our customers the optimum packaging solution, we have developed three different advanced production technologies. These enable us to produce packaging of outstanding quality by precisely adapting to specific requirements. Whether extreme stability or a flawless surface finish is required, we offer the right solution for every type of packaged goods.

PressTec - Moulded fibre products for transport protection and presentation


In this process, a NormTec fibre moulded product is smoothed by an additional process step – the hot pressing – and brought into its final shape. As a result, our PressTec moulded fibre product achieve their optimum shape, which saves space during transport and ensures smooth automatic processing. They are also characterised by precise handling in the packaging process.


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Our manufacturing process for PressTec quality.

The most important facts about PressTec quality.

The technology for transport protection and presentation.

Precise fit

Our PressTec packaging offers a precise fit to ensure that your products are packaged safely and efficiently.

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Highest quality standards

A smoother surface is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also increases the quality of your products.

Seamless integration

Our packaging can be easily integrated into handling systems to optimise your logistics processes.

Environmentally friendly material

All fibre castings produced using the PressTec process are 100% recyclable and grey-brown in colour.


All fibre cast parts produced using the PressTec process can be nested inside each other to save space and thus reduce storage costs.

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Automated processing

Moulded fibre parts produced using the PressTec process are ideal for processing in fully automated robot lines.

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