BucPac® - Protective pad for buckets

Packaging solution for the individual shipping of buckets and cans.

singles BucPac bucket protection pad
Bucket is easily packed with BucPac

Do you want to minimise transport damage when shipping buckets and cans, speed up the product packing process and use simpler and more environmentally friendly packaging for your products? BucPac® offers all these things. As reliable packaging for plastic buckets and cans, BucPac® allows you to pack efficiently, safely, lightly and sustainably while saving costs, time and materials!

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Advantages of BucPac® as packaging material for buckets and cans.

Package buckets and cans SAFELY.

Good packaging ensures that the product is protected against external factors such as transport or impact damage, or leakage. Thanks to effective cushioning properties of the pulp material, BucPac® optimally protects the product during transport.


Safe shipping

BucPac® provides reliable fixation, protects against damage and dissipates force in the event of a fall – for the safe shipping of buckets and cans.


Protected shipping

The customised packaging solution guarantees that your product reaches the customer intact.


Individual protection

BucPac® makes customised contours for every type of bucket and can to ensure they are optimally protected.

Package buckets and cans EASILY.

Standardised solutions are appreciated for their faster availability and elimination of project investment costs. BucPac® is a customised packaging solution for a wide variety of transport scenarios. It ensures the reliable transport of individual and filled buckets and cans from A to B and can be used universally with certain products, i.e. without a top or bottom part. For all other applications it is supplied as a set with labelled top and bottom parts, making packaging with BucPac® simple and intuitive for everyone.


Easy handling

BucPac® simplifies the entire packaging process – it’s fast, effective and user-friendly.


Space-saving shipping

Thanks to BucPac®, your products are packed in a space-saving way, as the rectangular pads quickly fill the outer carton.


Fast shipping

BucPac® enables simple and intuitive packaging. The packing process is child's play and your product is ready for shipping in record time.

Package buckets and cans SUSTAINABLY.

Every unnecessary piece of packaging costs money and pollutes the environment. A sustainable packaging that can also be recycled protects the climate. Our BucPac® molded pulp packaging is made from up to 100% recovered paper and it is an eco-friendly alternative to mineral oil-based materials or costly foldable cutouts.

Environmentally friendly shipping

BucPac® consists of up to 100% recovered paper, which makes it easy to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way. A packaging suitable for international recycling systems.

Sustainable economic efficiency

BucPac® minimises storage space and reduces heating and electricity costs while meeting environmental requirements. A more profitable solution for your shipping business.


We are committed to recycling, renewable raw materials and to conducting our business in an environmentally friendly way. We assume responsibility for creating sustainable shipping solutions.

Package buckets and cans EFFICIENTLY.

Forget cumbersome packaging. BucPac® enables the individual shipping of buckets and cans for all industries and for any filling, making it a much more efficient shipping option.


Efficient adaptation

BucPac® packaging is tailored to your products, which means less packaging material and no oversized boxes.


Stability and weight optimisation

Thanks to the balanced material thickness, the packaging remains stable without the need for unnecessary weight.


Space-saving storage and versatile application

BucPac® can be stacked to save space and used in all industries as a replacement for cumbersome packaging that complies with complex directives.

How do I pack a bucket or can?

Packing and shipping individual buckets and cans is finally possible with our BucPac®! This was difficult in the past due to compliance requirements and cumbersome packaging, but BucPac® makes it very easy. Check out our video to see how it works.

Package all types of buckets and cans.

A solution for all industries: BucPac®

Agricultural chemicals

Fertilisers, pesticides and pest control products, animal feed, stock protection products, etc.


De-icing salts, grit, other gritting materials, sand, wood pellets, etc.

Construction materials

Adhesives, plasters, screed, binding agents, mortar, concrete, insulating materials, building materials, construction chemicals, etc.


Spices, vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, fats, condiments, sugar, flour, table salt, vegetable stock, confectionery, etc.

Animal feed

Fish feed, seed feed, concentrates, roughage and compound feed, cereals, green feed, linseed, mineral salts, vegetable oils, etc.

Industrial and petrochemicals

Acids, alkalis, solvents, cleaners, thinners, pickling chemicals, disinfectants, activated carbon, dry beads, granulates, toluene, naphtha, etc.


Disinfectants, cleaners, protective and care products, soaps, lotions, shampoo, shower gel, etc.


Glazes, acrylic paint, synthetic resin paint, silk matt paint, acrylic-based paints and varnishes, emulsion paint, wall paint, etc.


Lotions, oils, shampoo, shower gel, creams, disinfectants, cleaners, bath additives, infusions, flavourings, etc.

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