For a sustainable world without mineral oil-based packaging.

Molded pulp – for a better future!

About us.

At buhl-paperform, we always endeavour to go beyond our limits. Through close dialogue with our customers, we develop unique packaging solutions that are not only economical, but also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Our highest quality and environmental standards guide us in everything we do. Since our foundation in 1996, we have set ourselves the goal of revolutionising the packaging industry and helping our customers to develop safe and intelligent packaging solutions while minimising their impact on the environment.

With our vision of a greener and more efficient world, we offer customised, environmentally friendly solutions that meet the highest standards for efficiency and product life cycle management. At all our production sites, decisions are evaluated in connection with new investments, particularly with regard to resource conservation and emission reduction, in order to minimise the impact on the overall system. The needs of our customers are always centric to everything we do.

Collaborating with our customers as partners and providing them with comprehensive advice are central aspects of our day-to-day work, from the professional assessment of requirements, to their implementation in the product design and individual logistics support. We take the time to understand every detail and every requirement of the project. This is the only way we can ultimately develop the best possible packaging solution. Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, we are always up to date on the latest trends and able to offer innovative solutions. We are a leading, environmentally minded family business that is founded on ethical and legal principles.

Our business activities are characterised by respect and appreciation for others. Honesty, reliability and diligence are the core values that characterise our corporate culture and the tools we use to ensure that every aspect of our work complies with strict environmental criteria. Our company pursues a long-term business strategy.

Family business

Since our foundation in 1996, the buhl-paperform team has undertaken an extraordinary journey. Back in 1961, Christoph Buhl’s grandfather founded Heinrich Buhl GmbH and laid the foundations for our success. Family tradition has shaped our corporate culture and made us what we are today. What initially started out as a small division of Heinrich Buhl GmbH has evolved into a global company that develops pioneering packaging solutions.
Our history is characterised by dedication, innovation and a firm belief in high-quality and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. In 1996, we took the step of creating a molded fiber business unit. With just one FineTec line and two employees, we embarked on the journey that has made us the leading company we are today.

Market leader

Over the years, we have continuously invested in our infrastructure, expanded our production capacities, relocated, purchased additional production facilities and added to our machinery. To this day, we are not content to simply grow – we want to revolutionise the packaging industry!

Our determination to provide the best solutions and fulfil the highest quality standards makes us a trusted partner for our customers. At the heart of our success are our dedicated and highly qualified employees. They are the people who characterise buhl-paperform. By ensuring that they receive intensive support and training opportunities we are able to improve the success of buhl-paperform as well as the success of each of our employees as individuals.


A sustainable future without mineral oil-based packaging: together for a green world.

Sustainability is not just an empty phrase at buhl-paperform. It is firmly anchored in our daily work. We focus on recycling, renewable raw materials and comprehensive environmental responsibility. Our molded pulp packaging solutions offer a sustainable alternative to mineral oil-based materials and costly foldable cutouts.

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Why are our molded pulp products the best choice for the environment?

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Regionally sourced raw materials

We obtain our raw materials from regional sources (e.g. supermarket chains) in order to avoid additional and unnecessary transport routes and save carbon. At the same time, we do not use any agricultural or forestry land.

Recycling and waste reduction

By using waste paper as the main component of our molded fiber products, we enable internationally recycling efficiency. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites.

Precision fit

Thanks to targeted geometries, our molded fiber packaging adapts precisely to your product, avoiding unnecessary packaging material and minimising packaging size. At the same time, storage and transport space is reduced, thus reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainable production processes

We consistently use certified carbon-neutral energy and ISO 50001-certified energy management processes. These processes are part of our long-standing commitment to minimising carbon emissions.

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Biodegradability and compostability

The paper fibers in our molded fiber products are not only recyclable, but also biodegradable and compostable. This means that our products decompose within a very short time without leaving any residue.

“Sustainability is part of our DNA. As an environmentally minded family business, ecological, social and economic responsibility is at the heart of all our business activities. Our sustainability strategy aims to create sustainable value for society, the environment, our company and all our stakeholders. We have defined several focus areas and goals in order to achieve our sustainability objectives.”

Our sustainability objectives

Resource conservation

We attach great importance to the responsible use of resources. Separators and a closed water loop minimise water consumption in our production processes. Vaporised water is recycled to protect the environment. Our highly efficient production machines make optimum use of energy with heat recovery and heat exchangers.

Emission reduction and energy conservation

Another focus is on reducing energy consumption and the associated carbon emissions. We use energy-efficient technologies and renewable energies to minimise our ecological footprint. Our energy supply is already carbon neutral. In addition, we are endeavouring to reduce the proportion of waste that has to be disposed of in landfill sites in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Supply chain and social responsibility

We attach great importance to compliance with high social and ethical standards along the entire supply chain. We are committed to fair working conditions, the protection of human rights and the support of local communities, and we are always guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Promotion of innovation

We invest in research and development to promote sustainable solutions. We are continuously working on developing more environmentally friendly products and processes in order to achieve long-term sustainability goals. Our pioneering developments are protected by numerous patents and property rights, underlining our commitment to creating unique, sustainable solutions. We are proud that our efforts are recognised in the industry and that our innovations are regularly honoured with prestigious awards.

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Facts & figures

  • Recovered paper consumption per year: approx. 4,100 tonnes
  • Monthly output capacity: 10 million molded fiber products
  • Number of employees: 128, including 7 apprentices
  • Locations: 2
  • Production areas: 16.000 m²
  • Number of awards/certificates: 25
  • Number of production facilities: 15
  • Storage facilities: 5.340
  • Number of production technologies: 3

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