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SafePac – Sustainable protection for your products

Discover SafePac – the innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution that combines 27 years of development and production experience and offers an excellent alternative to conventional bubble wrap and plastic void fill.

We work with selected express partners to ensure fast and simple regional deliveries of smaller production runs.

Express product

Flexible and environmentally friendly protection solutions.


Our SafePac protective mats can be flexibly wrapped around fragile objects of any shape and size. They not only serve as an excellent alternative to conventional bubble wrap, but can also be used as an effective cavity filler. The special feature in this case is that no additional adhesive or fixing material is required to attach the SafePac mats. The mat parts are simply inserted into each other for secure and stable hold.


The advantages of SafePac at a glance.

The right solution for every packaging requirement.


Due to the elimination of tool costs.

In 48h lieferbar

By our express partner. Enquire online now.


Thanks to flexible design.

Easy handling

Due to simple and intuitive use.

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Maximum flexibility

Thanks to easy tearing and cutting properties.

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Space saving

Thanks to nestability.

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to 100% recyclable raw material (recovered paper).

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Easy disposal

In an established disposal loop.

Patented spring effect

For excellent shock absorption.

Our SafePac family

Express packaging solutions for your individual requirements.

The products in our SafePac family offer a wide range of standard sizes to meet your needs. However, we are also aware that every customer has their own unique requirements. For this reason, we not only offer standard sizes, but also customised express solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs. Our expert team will work closely with you to develop the perfect packaging solution for the optimum protection and presentation of your products. Contact us today for a personalised consultation. We can cater to your individual requirements.

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for reliable protection.

Like all our products, our SafePac packaging solution offers premium quality and optimum transport protection without neglecting the environment. We manufacture sustainable packaging solutions by using recovered paper as a raw material. This ensures that our packaging is both environmentally friendly and offers excellent protective performance. SafePac delivers convincing recyclability and maximum flexibility in use. With SafePac, you not only get outstanding protection for your products, but also play an active part in making the world more sustainable. Your contribution to a better environment and reliable product protection.

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See for yourself.

Discover the versatile uses for SafePac and let its performance speak for itself. Contact us today so we can find the ideal packaging solution for your products together.


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