Pack glass bottles safely with GlassPac.

GlassPac is a natural protective packaging specially developed for the safe transport of glass bottles. Made from up to 100% recovered paper, GlassPac is not only environmentally friendly but also extremely effective. Find out more about this innovative solution that guarantees the safety of your glass bottles and protects the environment at the same time.


Natural protective packaging for the safe transport of glass bottles.

The GlassPac packaging consists of an upper part and a lower part that together form a robust protective layer. Recovered paper has shock-absorbing properties that are ideal for transporting fragile goods. Our packaging solution not only offers first-class protection, it is also UN-approved. This means our protective packaging products are approved for the shipping of hazardous goods and you can depend on them for transport safety. GlassPac offers additional flexibility and customisability by making it possible to package different bottle types and screw caps as a set. 

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The advantages of our GlassPac protective packaging at a glance.

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UN hazardous goods approval

Several series of our protective packaging are approved for the transport of UN hazardous goods, so you can rest assured that your valuable freight is being safely shipped.

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Our protective packaging is developed for both manual and fully automated assembly processes to meet your requirements.

Versatile packaging solutions

With GlassPac, you can pack different bottle types and screw caps as a set to make your logistics processes more efficient.

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GlassPac can be nested to save space, resulting in low storage and freight volumes.

Simple handling

You save time and effort in the packaging process by simply inserting the items to be packaged.

Environmentally friendly

GlassPac is made from up to 100% recovered paper and can therefore be easily recycled, composted and biodegraded, helping to reduce your ecological footprint.

GlassPac +liqui – Additional protection with vermiculite

Patented protection for the transport of liquid hazardous goods.

GlassPac is optionally available in an absorbent version that contains the mineral material vermiculite. Vermiculite has an excellent ability to store moisture, which enhances the absorbency of the molded fiber product. In the event of damage, the molded fiber product is able to absorb any leaking liquid. 

Our patented +liqui solution was developed in collaboration with a supplier of laboratory chemicals and combines an ecological molded fiber product with tried-and-tested vermiculite. If a product gets damaged, the protective packaging effectively absorbs the leaked liquid and thus minimises the risk of further damage.

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Reliable protection.

Protect your liquid goods in a reliable and environmentally friendly way with GlassPac. Contact us today for further information and to discuss the ideal solution for your transport requirements. It goes without saying that we also develop individual solutions for special requirements. Your products deserve the best transport protection you can find.


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