Versatile solutions.

In addition to our custom molded fiber packaging solutions, we have developed a variety of express solutions that are suitable for many transport situations, are available with short lead times and offer similar product benefits to custom molded fiber packaging. Without tool costs.

Express molded fiber products

Fast, simple and flexible packaging.

Our express molded fiber packaging offers you an innovative and cost-efficient packaging solution without the expense of custom tool production. Benefit from the outstanding advantages of molded fiber while saving time and money. Versatile and easy to integrate into existing packaging processes, this option is the ideal choice for companies in a wide range of industries. Thanks to their stackability and nestability, these packaging products save valuable storage space and optimise logistics, while at the same time protecting the environment. They also offer excellent transport protection to ensure that your products reach their destination safely and undamaged. Our express molded fiber packaging is future-safe solution that takes time, costs and the environment into account.

The advantages of our express molded fiber products at a glance.

No tool costs

The elimination of custom tool costs saves you money, yet you still benefit from the excellent properties of molded pulp.

Immediate availability

By eliminating the need for tool making, our express products are immediately available to meet your short-notice packaging requirements, and they can be delivered to you within 48 hours.


All our express products are extremely versatile and can be used in various transport and packaging scenarios. Flexible adaptation to your requirements.

Easy handling

Our express products are easy to handle and can be effortlessly integrated into your existing packaging and packing processes, which increases efficiency.

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Stackable / nestable

Thanks to their intelligent design, our express products can be stacked and nested, saving valuable storage space and optimising logistics.

Environmentally friendly

Our express products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, composted and biodegraded, helping to reduce your ecological footprint.