The L-BOXeco - your sustainable sliding box.

Discover the environmentally friendly alternative to foam sliding boxes - the L-BOXeco. With the L-BOXeco, you can deliver your sensitive items safely to your customers and at the same time emphasise your environmental awareness by using packaging that can be 100% recycled in the paper cycle.


The sustainable alternative to foam sliding boxes.

L-BOXeco is the pioneering alternative to conventional foam sliding boxes. It is an innovative, 100% paper-based product that is both environmentally friendly and extremely functional. The two-part system consists of a corrugated cardboard sleeve with an integrated WavePac inlay and a special fixing inlay made of molded pulp, which encloses the product on all sides for secure protection.

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Easy handling.

L-BOXeco makes your packing process child's play. The sliding function speeds up your workflow by allowing you to pack your products quickly and efficiently. No additional adhesive tape or other aids are required. The easy operation of the sliding box also has a positive effect on the end consumer’s satisfaction with your product.

All-round safety.

The L-BOXeco guarantees the secure, contour-adapted fixation of your products and minimises the risk of damage during transport. Thanks to the precise fit of the sliding box, your products are securely and reliably protected. The L-BOXeco also has practical compartments on the top side for separate storage of accessories – guaranteeing optimum transport safety.


Environmentally friendly, recyclable and cost-efficient packaging solution.

L-BOXeco not only provides excellent transport protection, it is also an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable packaging solution that requires no additional packaging material. This not only saves costs, but also reduces waste and minimises the ecological footprint. At the same time, L-BOXeco has a space-saving design. Reducing the storage space requirements and transport volume not only saves costs, it also contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

The advantages of L-BOXeco at a glance.

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L-BOXeco's versatility makes it ideal for protecting a wide range of goods.

Inexpensive and space saving

L-BOXeco contributes to reducing costs. Not only is it inexpensive, it is also designed to save space, which reduces transport and storage costs.

Fast availability and easy handling

L-BOXeco is ready for immediate use and is easy to handle. It is ready for shipping in just a few simple steps.

Outstanding transport protection

With similar transport protection properties to PUR foam, L-BOXeco optimally protects even sensitive goods.

No electrostatic charging

Unlike conventional packaging, L-BOXeco prevents electrostatic charging and is therefore suitable for the protection of sensitive electronic devices.

Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable

L-BOXeco is an eco-friendly product that can be completely recycled.

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The right solution for every packaging requirement.


L-BOXeco basic


  • L-BOXeco basic has a coarser surface for optimum grip during transport.



L-BOXeco (hot-pressed)


  • Hot-pressing produces an extremely smooth surface that is particularly suitable for sensitive packaged goods.


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For environmentally aware businesses.

L-BOXeco is a forward-looking and sustainable packaging solution with both ecological and economical benefits. It is the perfect alternative to conventional foam-based packaging and therefore an ideal choice for companies that value sustainability and environmental protection.


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