Greater sustainability and efficiency in your packaging processes.

We collaborate with you to develop molded fiber packaging solutions that are individually tailored to your product, handling and logistics requirements.

Product development project workflow

Customer centric: one-on-one advice and individual solutions

The needs of our customers are always centric to everything we do. Collaborating with our customers as partners and providing them with comprehensive advice are central aspects of our day-to-day work, from the professional assessment of requirements, to their implementation in the product design and individual logistics support. We take the time to understand every detail and every requirement of the project. This is the only way we can ultimately develop the best possible packaging solution. Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, we are always up to date on the latest trends and able to offer innovative solutions.

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Project workflow

Six steps to a cost-efficient packaging solution.
Our consulting process.

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Requirements assessment

A focus on a detailed needs analysis and experience sharing are the basis for the buhl-paperform check-list.

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Budget definition

Preparation of a budget proposal, including series part prices, tool, development and sampling costs. 

3D concept and presentation

Our specialists create a 3D concept based on the check-list. The digital model is discussed with the customer in order to identify optimisation potential at an early stage in the process.

Sample production (optional)

Samples are produced if required to present the packaging concept to the customer, or to perform handling trials and packaging tests.

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Series tool production

Once the 3D concept and any requested samples have been approved, the series tool is manufactured.

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Series start

After approval, series production can commence.

"Our customers have very diverse requirements profiles, 
and our molded fiber developments reflect that diversity.”

Optimise your processes

Styrofoam packaging is obsolete. The future is molded fiber.

Molded fiber represents the future of packaging. Our custom molded fiber packaging delivers sustainability, unsurpassed product protection and adaptability. Low environmental impact, first-class cushioning properties, individual design and complete recyclability make molded fiber the ideal packaging material for an almost unlimited number of industrial applications.

 Discover industry solutions

We work with you to find customised solutions for your requirements.

Discover the advantages of custom molded fiber products.


Molded pulp packaging protects large and robust as well as small and fragile products.

Shock absorbent

Molded fiber products are tough enough to absorb repeated shocks without breaking.


Molded fiber products can be produced in formats for different industries and applications.


Our molded fiber products reduce transport and storage costs thanks to their space-saving design.


Molded fiber products are made from recovered paper, are recyclable and compostable.

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Molded fiber products can be integrated into automated logistics and packaging processes.

How are molded pulp and molded fiber products produced?

Our molded fiber packaging is meticulously manufactured in a complex 6-step process.

1. Raw material

First of all, the raw materials (paper and cardboard waste) are collected. Our recovered paper is recyclable and FSC®-certified (FSC-C162663)

2. Paper processing

The raw materials are diluted by adding water and carefully dissolved in a pulper, resulting in a homogeneous, liquid mass.

3. Paper cleaning

Removal of impurities (wood shavings, staples, etc.) to ensure the quality of the end product and avoid irregularities.

4. Molding process

The tool sucks pulp through the sieves to build up the molded packaging products. They are then dried and processed further if necessary.

5. Quality inspection

The last step in production is an inspection of the finished molded fiber products’ quality to ensure that they will safely and reliably protect your products.

6. Storage

The finished molded fiber products are placed on pallets and stored in our warehouse, which has a total of approx. 5,400 rack spaces.

Vision, facts & figures - Sustainability

Sustainable, recyclable packaging solutions: our contribution to protecting the environment

Our sustainable molded fiber products are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging materials. We only use recovered and recyclable waste paper to ensure the protection of our forests. We reduce waste and conserve production resources with a heat recovery system and a closed water cycle. Find out more about how you can incorporate environmental responsibility into packaging solutions with us.

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